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Amy Jaffe Nutrition

Serving Up a Healthy Relationship with Food
Specializing in Telehealth and In-Person Support

"It's not about the facts of food. It's not about calories, cholesterol, and other metrics. It's about your relationship with food. It's about challenging your beliefs. When the diet industry makes over $50 billion/year, many of these diets expect you to fail so you keep coming back. Let's move away from the numbers, away from making decisions based on something external. You will learn to listen to your body's wisdom, learn to recognize internal cues so in the long run, you will be will always know when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat. My goal is to free you from diets, nutritionists, and all the stress involved in struggling with food and your body"


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I am a nationally registered, state licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, and a  Certified Intuitive Eating Specialist, with over twenty five years of experience helping clients develop a healthy relationship with food. My approach is highly individualized and holistic, as I use a collaborative style to work with clients rather than dictate to them. I am a strong advocate of a non-diet, intuitive eating, health at every size (HAES) approach used  in assisting clients with overall self care, and ending the struggle with food and their bodies. 
Whether you're in Miami,  Montana, or Madrid, you're only a phone  call or Skype session away from having a healthier relationship with food.  



My Clients Say

"Stepping out from my bridal shower, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for Amy Jaffe. It was her unwavering support that allowed me to truly enjoy this special day. Amy helped me navigate my relationship with food, transforming it into a source of joy rather than anxiety. With her guidance, I've learned to appreciate the rainbow of possibilities that healthy eating brings into our lives." 🌈🥗



90 MIN

The assessment includes a detailed medical history, history of eating patterns, weight and diet trends.  We also review current food practices, determine the degree of interoceptive senses ( internal cues of hunger and fullness), distribution of food throughout a normal day and an overview of nutrition education as it pertains to normal nutrition principles, physiological changes in metabolism and blood sugar,  intuitive eating framework, physical/emotional hunger and fullness and body image.  Goals are jointly determined and you'll leave the initial session with a concrete plan of action that is evaluated in follow up sessions.  Often my clients will keep electronic food logs using the app, "Recovery Record" as a way to stay connected between sessions,  increase awareness of food behaviors and promote accountability.

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Our office is considered out of network for most insurance companies.  While we don’t accept insurance as payment, we can provide monthly Superbills for you to  submit with claims and any reimbursement would go directly to you and/or it can be used toward the deductible.  

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